Building a foundation for change among women in mining – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – May 23, 2023)

Women in Mining UK panel talks challenges, opportunities in global mining industry

When it was founded in 1997, the Aboriginal Women in Mining program had a simple goal: provide Indigenous women in northeastern Ontario with pre-employment training to help them enter the mining sector.

At the time, Indigenous hiring policies and quotas were uncommon, explained Kathy Lajeunesse, and many Indigenous women were being shut out of the work opportunities that were cropping up at mine projects in and around the North.

“Colonialism was and still is the lay of the land and it’s created systemic barriers and issues for Indigenous women, especially in mining,” said Lajeunesse, the partnership liaison with Keepers of the Circle, the program’s parent organization, during an online talk on May 18.

Since those early days, the program has rebranded — it’s now the Culture, Confidence and Competence, or Triple C, program — and expanded its mandate to prepare women for work in green construction, clean energy, food and agriculture.

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