Ontario doesn’t need Ring of Fire to achieve EV ambitions: experts – by Alan S. Hale (Politics Today – May 18, 2023)


Amid growing objections from First Nations, Premier Doug Ford remains dead set on developing the Ring of Fire to fuel Ontario’s goal of becoming a major player in the EV industry. But three mining industry experts Queen’s Park Today spoke to said Ontario can become a major global EV hub without the Ring of Fire.

However, they said giving up on the project would be a drastic measure that could significantly set that goal back for a long time and would also have geopolitical implications. Geologist and mining consultant Jim Franklin helped Spider Resources — the company that discovered mineral deposits in the Ring of Fire while searching for diamonds — understand what they had found.

The Ring of Fire contains three main deposits, according to Franklin: one is a mixture of copper and zinc; the second, a very large and hard-to-extract chromite deposit; and a “significant” deposit of nickel and copper.

Although the nickel and copper deposit is “textbook” and of high quality, Franklin said it’s not the game-changer it’s being made out to be.

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