Column: Why tear down the Superstack? Turn it into a tourist attraction – by Judith Van Boxel (Sudbury Star – May 17, 2023)

We are about to destroy the Superstack. What a wasted opportunity

Some years ago when I was a business owner, I was also a member of the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce. At the time, the chamber was interested in the potential of Sudbury as a tourism destination in Ontario and I was asked to come up with an idea that would explore that possibility.

Together with a few friends who were local lodge operators and with added help from the Sudbury amateur radio operators, local army cadets and others, we attracted several hot air balloon pilots to Sudbury. One weekend in the summer, we hosted the first and only Sudbury Hot Air Balloon Festival that took place from the Lily Creek playing fields .

The event was a great success and today, people still remind me of that adventure, the chase through the bush by jeep and truck to retrieve landed balloons and passengers and the late-day fun that happened afterwards.

Since that time, there has been continuing interest in promoting Sudbury as a tourist destination. Many possibilities exist but I think that the biggest single potential tourist attraction that is being overlooked or dismissed without exploring its full possibilities.

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