Trudeau touts Canadian miners but blocks their efforts – by Shannon Stubbs (National Post – May 6, 2023)

There’s a major gap between what the PM recently said in New York and the reality of his track record

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left Canada during an historic federal public service strike and cost-of-living and crime crises to visit New York and advocate for Canada’s critical minerals’ interests. But rubbing shoulders with elites can’t make up for the fact that Canada is lagging behind in this field because of eight years of damage inflicted by Trudeau’s own government.

Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on April 28, the prime minister noted that the global track record for mining and battery manufacturing includes human rights abuses, child and slave labour, and environmental damage in critical and rare earth metals production and processing — namely by Beijing’s Communist Party regime. Trudeau also noted the need to strengthen domestic supply chains.

But back at home, there is a glaring disconnect between the prime minister’s words and the impact his anti-resource and anti-private-sector policies have had on Canadian mining and related manufacturing investors, inventors, workers, entrepreneurs, Indigenous partners and owners, and affected communities.

With some of the largest known critical mineral and rare earth element reserves, Canada has an enormous opportunity and is an obvious solution to the need to increase domestic supply.

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