“We need a Team Canada” – by Ailbhe Goodbody (CIM Magazine – May 03, 2023)


The CIM Convention’s third morning panel brought together industry experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the decarbonization of mining

Promoting “Brand Canada” or “Team Canada” could help the Canadian mining industry demonstrate its best practices in environmental, social and governance (ESG) when setting up a domestic supply chain for critical minerals, according to panellists at the general session on decarbonization and investment/financing that took place at the 2023 CIM Convention and Expo in Montreal on May 3.

The panellists were Belinda Labatte, CEO of Lomiko Metals; Richard Wells, partner, finance at Kinterra Capital; Milla Craig, founder, president and CEO of Millani Inc.; and Paul Gruner, CEO of Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC). The moderator was Angelina Mehta, general manager, joint ventures at Rio Tinto Aluminium.

The conversation expanded on Philippe Couillard’s comment from Monday’s plenary discussion about the perception of greenwashing in mining. “The assumption is every company is greenwashing today, and that it’s up to you as an organization to prove otherwise,” said Craig. “It’s no longer just about consumers; investors are making similar assumptions, as are regulators.

“We’ve gone from perhaps too much information to what is now being called ‘green hushing,’ where a lot of organizations are pulling in with their disclosures because of fears of oversight or lawsuits.

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