First Nations $95 Billion proposed lawsuit could have sweeping implications for the mining industry – by Melissa (Mel) Sanderson (Investor Intel – April 30, 2023)

A consequential battle is shaping up in a place you may not know (Thunder Bay, Canada) over an issue you may never have heard of – Free, Prior, Informed Consent. (FPIC for short). The parties to the conflict are 10 of the Treaty 9 First Nations on one side and the Canadian Government on the other.

Why should you care? Here’s what’s at stake: $95 billion dollars that the indigenous nations say they will claim as compensation for past wrongs – and potentially much, much more because the argument essentially is about how mines will be approved in Canada going forward.

This fight has been brewing for a long time but now, with the urgent necessity of producing more critical minerals to transform economies and hopefully slow the current environmental decline, the outcome of this case could have consequences reaching far beyond Canada’s Great North.

Common understanding of the terms of an agreement is fundamental to its successful implementation. Shared values, when they exist, make for a stronger and more durable agreement that can be implemented consensually.

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