Country singer Corb Lund wants strong stance against coal mines in Alberta election – by Bob Weber (Canadian Press/Global News – May 3, 2023)

As Albertans begin what could be a bitter and divisive provincial election campaign, one of the province’s most popular musicians wants to remind them of an issue that brought everyone together a couple years ago.

“All candidates should be unanimous in saying they’ll enact strong legislation to protect anywhere in the Rockies from any coal mines, period,” said Corb Lund. “That’s what Albertans want.” Lund was one of the most prominent opponents of coal mining after the United Conservative Party government revoked the policy that protected the eastern slopes.

Within a year after that policy was revoked in spring 2020, thousands of hectares were staked for coal exploration up and down the province’s western boundary — a playground for thousands and the water source for millions.

But opening those summits and foothills to development provoked a severe and widespread backlash that ran from urban environmentalists to small-town mayors to country music stars.

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