A not-so-green reality behind green transition – by Terence Corcoran (Fiancial Post – May 3, 2023)


If fossil fuels are destructive, renewable alternatives are maybe even more so

In the rollicking world of net-zero policy-making and initiatives, Canada aims to be a global leader. The country’s bankers, mining executives, auto companies, electricity producers and political leaders have merged into a unified machine around the idea that a new green economy can be achieved via a just transition to a global energy system free of carbon emissions.

The nationalist clatter last week around the possible sale of Teck Resources of Vancouver to Swiss mining giant Glencore reflected the new official Canadian corporatist approach. As a key global player in the business of producing “critical minerals” — copper, zinc, molybdenum — Teck is seen as a vital cog in the wheel of economic fortune swirling around the net-zero objectives.

The Trudeau Liberals’ enthusiasm for the new national economic model was captured in “The Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy,” a report released last December by Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson and Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne.

“Critical minerals are the building blocks for the green and digital economy. There is no energy transition without critical minerals: no batteries, no electric cars, no wind turbines and no solar panels.

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