Exclusive: Tesla looking at “opportunities for industrial facility, mineral extraction” in Ontario – by Emma Jarratt (Electric Autonomy – May 1, 2023)


Tesla gives more hints about the nature of its plans for a Canadian facility in new lobbyist registry documents filed last month, Electric Autonomy exclusively reveals

Tesla is seeking “opportunities for industrial facility, mineral extraction” in Ontario, per new documents filed with the Ontario government, Electric Autonomy can report.

The lobbyist registry, updated in April, indicates that the mineral-hungry automaker is interested in taking more control over its electric vehicle battery supply chain and Ontario is a preferred location.

One of the goals for Tesla’s latest filing reads, in part, “Work to identify opportunities for industrial facility, mineral extraction and processing project permitting reforms…while working with government to identify incentives to further increase the attractiveness of Ontario.”

The clarity on Tesla’s Ontario intentions comes on the heels of a blockbuster announcement between the province and Volkswagen. In April, the German-based automaker revealed it will build a $7-billion factory in St. Thomas, Ont. and will receive $13 billion in subsidies from the provincial and federal governments to do so.

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