Can the Crown make land decisions without First Nations consent? Treaty 9 lawsuit argues no – by Logan Turner (CBC News Thunder Bay – April 26,2023)

Lawyer calls lawsuit ‘frontal attack’ on colonial idea governments have ‘supreme right to rule’

Several First Nations have announced their intention to take the Ontario and Canadian governments to court, in a lawsuit their lead lawyer says could fundamentally change the way resource and land management decisions are made in the Treaty 9 area.

Leaders from 10 First Nations are at Queen’s Park in Toronto on Wednesday morning to speak at a news conference. They’re filing their notice of action for the lawsuit to Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice.

“I think this is going to be the most historic case that has ever been launched in regard to Crown and First Nation relations in this country, and I hope it sets off a chain reaction across the entire land mass,” said lawyer Kate Kempton, head representative for the claimants, in an interview with CBC News.

“This is a frontal attack, a direct head-on attack against the worst aspect of colonialism, which is subjugation — the idea that one government can just walk in and take over the government [and] the people who were here.”

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