DeBeers says there will be few signs of closed northern Ontario diamond mine by year’s end – by Erik White (CBC News Sudbury – April 24, 2023)

Diamond mining company recognized for reclamation work at former Victor mine near Attawapiskat

Diamond mining giant DeBeers says by the end of this year there won’t be much left at the Victor mine near Attawapiskat in Ontario’s far north. The mine closed in 2019 and the company has been busy decommissioning the site where 500 people once lived and worked.

Senior communications officer Terry Kruger says most buildings have been demolished and the open pit filled with 44 million cubic metres of water and turned into a lake.

“We hope that it looks natural,” he said. “We recognize these are traditional territories and we want to make sure they are returned to as close a natural state as possible and they can used safely by people and animals far into the future.”

Kruger says that the industrial plants where ore was processed were taken down over the last few years and hundreds of truckloads of materials taken out on the network of ice and winter roads in the James Bay Lowlands.

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