‘We need to do a better job’ promoting sector, say mining execs – by Lindsay Kelly (Northern Ontario Business – April 21, 2023)


Industry panel discusses changing face of mining during 2023 Mining Health and Safety Conference

As mining companies brainstorm ideas on how to attract new workers to the industry, one thing is clear: the sector has an image problem. “People want jobs that are historically different than what the mining industry would portray,” said Don Duval, the CEO of Sudbury’s NORCAT.

In consultations with mining executives in recent years, Duval said discussions have increasingly turned to how companies can use cutting-edge technology — not to boost productivity and performance, but how to entice top talent to come work for them.

Consider two scenarios, he proposed. In the first, an employee is flown in to a remote mining camp for a two-week stint where they operate a load-haul-dump truck underground, for 12 hours a day, before flying out for a week off.

In the second, that employee operates the same vehicle using teleremote technology from the comfort of their local downtown coffee shop.“What’s fascinating… money is no longer the primary driver,” Duval said. “That individual will sacrifice compensation for the latter job of using that technology.

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