Mining’s brand needs to catch up with its importance to humanity – by Alisha Hiyate (Northern Miner – April 12, 2023)

Any public figure knows that they must brand themselves early — or risk being branded in an unflattering light that could well stick. Ask any of the victims of former U.S. president Donald Trump — a master of branding and image, if, debatably, little else.

Well, the mining industry is now in the spotlight. And although it has a well-established brand, it could use a spit shine. While the sector has made tremendous advances in lowering its environmental impact and creating more positive social impacts, it’s still seen by many as dangerous, polluting, exclusionary and a technological laggard.

This may be starting to change. Awareness of the importance of critical minerals to the technology that people know and love has grown, aided by Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s pleas for miners to “mine more nickel” and his musings that the EV manufacturer could get into lithium mining itself.

A public opinion survey commissioned by the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) and conducted by Abacus Data in 2022 found that, at least in Canada, the mining sector has finally moved to being seen as a contributor to climate change solutions rather than just a contributor to climate change.

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