Trudeau Liberals propose ripping up Constitution on oil, mining – by Brian Lilley (Winnipeg Sun – April 12, 2023)

Two different chiefs asked Lametti to take away provincial responsibility for natural resources.

Is the Trudeau government looking to rip up the Constitution of Canada on the issue of natural resources like Alberta oil, Quebec timber or Ontario mining deposits? Based on a few brief words, made by Justin Trudeau’s Justice Minister David Lametti, the answer is yes.

“I obviously can’t pronounce on that right now, but I do commit to looking at that,” Lametti said. “It won’t be uncontroversial, I would say with a bit of a smile.” Controversial would be an understatement. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe was first out the gate with a statement.

“This is an outrageous and ill-informed comment, as those agreements and the province’s control over natural resources have been entrenched in the Canadian Constitution since 1930,” Moe said in a statement. Moe wasn’t alone in condemning Lametti’s comments.

“This would pose an unprecedented risk to national unity and Alberta condemns this federal threat in the strongest possible terms,” Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said on Twitter. You can bet that every single premier from every province and party would have similar choice words for Trudeau’s justice minister.

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