Opponents to Mining Act changes accuse government of ‘politicizing’ the permitting process – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – April 10, 2023)


Neskantaga chief will only meet with Premier Doug Ford to discuss the Ring of Fire

Neskantaga Chief Chris Moonias said he’ll only deal with Ontario Premier Doug Ford when it comes to having a dialogue on the Ring of Fire.

Moonias made his position clear in a virtual presentation with provincial politicians sitting on the Standing Committee for the Interior at an April 6 gathering in Sudbury on Bill 71, the Building More Mines Act, a raft of amendments being proposed for Ontario’s Mining Act.

Moonias said he won’t talk with the mining companies, not with any proponents, not with government staff, not even with cabinet ministers like Mines Minister George Pirie. “I’m only going to talk to the premier.”

Two weeks ago, Moonias was at Queen’s Park with other communities to ask for a meeting with Premier Doug Ford to start a dialogue on the bill and on the Ring of Fire.

Unable to secure a face-to-face meeting due to not making a written request to the Premier’s Office, Moonias was escorted out of the visitors’ gallery in the Legislature for making outbursts directed to the premier that there will no development in the Ring of Fire. “Well, I don’t have to write a letter to anybody,” said Moonias, during the hearing. Ford will have to come to him for a meeting.

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