Mine Tales: Arizona’s minerals have proven vital in war and peace – by William Ascarza (Arizona Daily Star/Tucson.com – April 9, 2023)


Arizona has many historical mining properties that have produced gold, fluorspar, vanadium and uranium. These minerals have proven vital to many industries during times of war and peace.

The state also has iron ore deposits found in its central parts, including the banded-iron formation northwest of Prescott composed of quartz-hematite-magnetite rock formed from oxygenated ocean water 1.7 billion years ago.

The Gold Road Mine dates back to 1899 when it was discovered by Mexican gold prospector Jose Jerez while he was exploring Sitgreaves Pass west of Kingman. The discovery of a prominent quartz outcrop carrying gold led to further investment involving a Salt Lake City syndicate comprised of Col. O. P. Posey, Clarence K. Dimmick and William Bayley.

Development of the eight-foot-wide gold vein included a 150-ton cyanide plant, 150 miners and monthly bullion shipments of up to $15,000 by 1907. By 1931, the mine’s production totaled $7.3 million. Mining under Addwest Minerals in the 1990s saw an additional 92,500 ounces of gold production until reduced market prices forced a temporary closure.

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