Gold Rush: Alaska’s Jimmy Dorsey Doesn’t Feel He Was Portrayed 100% Accurately – by Brandon Shoaff ( – April 9, 2023)

Mining gold in remote locations isn’t a profession that many can just stumble into. Besides the long hours, the isolation, and physical toll, mining gold requires a certain amount of steely resolve and hopeful optimism, which is front and center in Discovery’s “Gold Rush” franchise.

Appearing in the first season of “Gold Rush,” back when it was still called “Gold Rush: Alaska,” Jimmy Dorsey represented the essential gold mining newbie as his job previously had been that of a realtor.

Appearing in just six episodes of “Gold Rush,” Dorsey’s time was cut short on the series when he got into a fist-fight with Greg Remsburg and left “Gold Rush: Alaska;” however, it appears as if Dorsey believes his time on the show wasn’t exactly the whole truth. During an interview with Oregon Gold, Dorsey was asked if he was portrayed incorrectly after editing.

“I understand the need for creating a character,” Dorsey said. “I think my inexperience in mining and the construction field is not something that they created. You never see me actually turn a wrench. They cut out about 90% of the positive things I do.”

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