Sudbury researchers begin to tackle mining on the moon – by Jim Moodie (Sudbury Star – April 4, 2023)

Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation gauging level of interest from miners and bankers in lunar investment

A mining area formed by an impact from space could now have an impact on how resources are extracted in space. Scientists seem a bit divided on whether it was a comet or meteorite that accounts for the Sudbury basin, but folks at the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation are pretty confident that local companies can contribute expertise and eventually investment capital to the harvesting of materials on the moon and other balls of extraterrestrial rock.

The centre, headquartered on Maley Drive, recently distributed a survey among the “mining investment ecosystem” — a field that ranges from prospectors and exploration outfits to banks and major miners — to gauge their level of interest in lunar investment.

“If you look at the mining business, it’s about finding a resource, evaluating the potential to obtain minerals and metals from that resource, and then putting in place the infrastructure to actually mine the resource,” said Charles Nyabeze, vice-president of business development with CEMI. “And with moon miningm there is that piece, as well.”

Junior mining companies are typically “investment-oriented, or looking to find properties of value and make that attractive enough for someone else to buy it,” he noted. “We want to learn from the terrestrial mining space, so people who might consider investments in work on the moon can have a bit of template.”

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