Supporting development a focus of Sudbury mayor – by Ian Campbell (CTV News Northern Ontario – April 2, 2023)

City officials said there are nine working mines within the city limits right now and that
could easily jump to 15 in the coming years.

Greater Sudbury’s mayor wants supporting development to be a priority for the city as he looks to create a new committee of council. Mayor Paul Lefebvre recently announced that he’ll be creating a committee that looks at supporting the city’s policies and processes around both residential and non-residential development.

“It’s about trying to attract more businesses here and we need more residential development so how can we ensure that we have the best practices here in Greater Sudbury,” he said. “Looking around the province, best practices when it comes to municipal bylaws, investments and when it comes to permitting processes as soon as we can.”

The idea comes amid a pledge by Ontario Premier Doug Ford to build 1.5 million homes in the province in the next decade. While a lot has recently been said about supporting development in Toronto, Ottawa and the Greenbelt, there hasn’t been as much revealed publicly about northeastern Ontario.

“The province right now is dealing with those special powers in Toronto and Ottawa but I don’t think we need that here,” said Lefebvre. “Basically we have a council that works together, that has the same eye on the same direction, in trying to make our city the most attractive – the most business-friendly that it can be to create those jobs and opportunities here.”

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