Old Flooded Coal Mine in England Produces Geothermal Heat in the Winter – by Rich Co (Nature World News – April 02, 2023)


An old coal mine that has been flooded in England may still be useful because it generates geothermal heat in the winter. Old coal mines might still be used to heat homes, but not by burning fossil fuels this time. Martha Henriques investigates the structures warmed by the heat coming from the long-abandoned mine workings.

Old Flooded Coal Mine

Towers of wine cases that seem to reach the sky are stored in a vast warehouse outside of Gateshead, North East England. In general, maintaining these enormous stacks of alcohol at a comfortable temperature throughout the year would result in a staggering energy bill, especially during the brutal northeastern winters.

But this is not the case, as is the case for a few but steadily increasing number of buildings in Gateshead.

Deep underground, the warehouse is located above the ruins of previous, flooded mine workings. These old flooded mines, which will never again bring coal to the surface, are currently producing a resource that, ironically, can aid today’s humanity in producing fewer carbon emissions rather than more. This is geothermal heat.

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