More companies hunting for lithium in northern Saskatchewan – by Doug Lett (Prince Albert Now – March 31, 2023)

Northern Saskatchewan is well known for producing uranium that’s used around the world, and has been home to a number of gold mines. But there’s a push now for critical minerals demanded by the energy transition— and one of them is lithium— a soft silvery white metal that is critical for batteries and electric vehicle production.

“Lithium is the hottest exploration commodity in the world right now,” said Warren Stenyer, CEO of Vancouver based ALX Resources. “Hotter than uranium, gold, nickel, copper,” he said.

“It’s really…got companies to look at the Precambrian rocks, in the Canadian Shield of the North,” said Kevin Ansdell, professor of geological sciences at the University of Saskatchewan. “It’s ultimately tied with the importance of lithium in batteries.”

Saskatchewan already has lithium projects— for example Prairie Lithium is working toward extracting lithium from underground brine water in southeast Saskatchewan. But the search for lithium in northern Saskatchewan is very different. That’s because in the north, lithium is contained in rocks in the precambrian shield.

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