Canada-China trade not expected to change much amid critical mineral protectionism – by Nelson Bennett (Business In Vancouver – March 31, 2023)

China is a trade partner and export market that is simply too big to lose – including when it comes to Canadian copper

The federal government’s decision last November to order Chinese companies to divest from three Canadian lithium junior exploration ventures may have sent a chill up the Canadian resource sector’s spine.

“What’s next?” mining and energy companies might well ask. “Will Chinese investors in Canadian uranium, potash or copper miners also be told to pack their bags and take their billions with them?”

Could Canadian producers of liquefied natural gas (LNG), metallurgical coal, iron ore, copper, pulp and canola eventually lose access to the massive Chinese market, as Canada goes courting more western-aligned trade partners through agreements and policies such as the Indo-Pacific Strategy?

At a recent Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference, held March 5 to 8, mining financier Robert Friedland worried out loud about Canada’s recent crackdown on Chinese foreign investment, warning it make it a lot harder to raise the capital needed to finance new discoveries and mines that produce the very minerals Canada wants to secure as part of its new green industrialization plans.

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