Lil Baby Catches Heavy Criticism After Flexing Blood Diamond Earrings – by Soje Leslie (Urban IslandZ – March 24, 2023)

Lil Baby caught some heat from fans after showing off his natural diamonds aka blood diamonds and thus contributing to forced child labor in Africa

Rapper Lil Baby is facing heat from fans on social media after he showed off new “blood diamond” earrings that sparked condemnation that he was knowingly or unknowingly endorsing the bloody war and slavery that is involved in mining the diamonds.

Lil Baby’s boasting backfired after he attempted to shame his competitors by telling them that his rocks were pricey and not grown in a lab as most stones are nowadays. According to the rapper in a video shared on Tuesday, his dazzling earrings were mined by hand from the rough and naturally occurring minerals.

“These ain’t lab diamonds,” Lil Baby bragged in an Instagram Story video. “My sh*t out the mud, these real stones, you hear me?” he said. The rapper was decked out in jewelry on his wrists and sported chains on his neck and also gave fans a glimpse of his brand new Tiffany x Nike Air Force 1s that recently came out.

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