Will a Road Make the Ring of Fire a Reality? – TV Ontario’s The Agenda host Steve Paikin interviews Kristan Straub, Virginia Heffernan and Stan Sudol (March 21, 2023)


For the better part of 15 years, the Ring of Fire, the biggest mining prize in a generation, or more, has confounded those who would develop it. One of the key issues is how to get to and from the remote area. But the province may have presented a solution with a recently announced agreement on the terms of reference for a First Nations-led plan for a permanent road to the Ring of Fire.

To help us understand the significance of this deal, we welcome: geoscientist Kristan Straub, CEO of Ring of Fire Metals, a Canadian mining subsidiary of Australia’s Wyloo Metals, and a member of Henvey Inlet First Nation; Virginia Heffernan, principal of GeoPen Communications, and author of, “Ring of Fire: High Stakes Mining in a Lowlands Wilderness;” and Stan Sudol, communications consultant and mining strategist who runs the website, The Republic of Mining.