Sudbury, A to Z – by Peter Carter (Pete’s Blog and Grille – March 6, 2023)

In June of this year, about 200 members of the Canadian Travel Media Association will be meeting in my hometown of Sudbury, Ont., for their annual conference. While I am neither a member of the travel media association nor did the organizers ask my help, I thought I would create this list of things those visitors to Sudbury should know about so they’ll return home knowing that–of all the places on the planet that they have ever visited–my hometown is one of the–if not the–most significant.

I’m serious. What makes a tourist destination worth remembering? Geography? Historic events? Architecture? Local wines? Famous people? Big battles? Stuff you can’t see anywhere else, like the famous terracotta armies buried in the tomb of the first emperor of China around 200 B.C?

What if I told you Sudbury, too, has thousands of guys underground, but they’re actually still alive? And hard at work? And you want local wine? Ask one of the Italian kids I grew up with. Sudbury doesn’t just have landscapes; it has moonscapes.

You want to talk famous battles? I point you to the easternmost corner of Sudbury’s Queen’s Athletic Field, where, in 1967 or ’68, our grade-six classmate Francis Jonik threw down with Terry Puska in an afterschool match attended by a bunch of us grade sixers from St. Albert School.

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