Yukon gov’t to appeal court decision quashing approval of mining project near Mayo (CBC News North – March 16, 2023)


Supreme Court found that consultation with First Nation over Metallic Minerals’ project was inadequate

The Yukon government is appealing a court decision that quashes the approval of a mining project near Mayo, Yukon. It’s the latest in an ongoing dispute between the territorial government and the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun (FNNND) over a project in the First Nation’s traditional territory.

The First Nation filed a petition to the Yukon Supreme Court in 2021, soon after the Yukon government gave the green light to Vancouver-based Metallic Minerals Corp.’s project. The quartz exploration project is to happen over 10 years on 52 claims located north of Mayo.

The First Nation argued at a hearing last summer that the Yukon government didn’t seem to give much thought to FNNND’s interests or concerns before signing off on the project. The Yukon government dismissed those complaints, telling the court that its consultation process was “reasonable,” and that the First Nation had ample opportunity to weigh in with its concerns.

The First Nation also argued that the approval amounted to “land use planning by the back door,” since FNNND does not yet have a final regional land use plan for its territory — despite being promised one in its nearly 30-year-old final agreement.

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