Sudbury’s regreening expertise taking root in Peru (Northern Ontario Business – March 17, 2023)

City of Greater Sudbury signs letter of intent with Peruvian region to promote innovation and cooperation

Sudbury’s environmental remediation expertise is being exported to Peru. The City of Greater Sudbury and the regional government of Moquegua, two international mining centres, have signed a letter of intent of cooperation during the recent PDAC mining show in Toronto earlier this month.

According to a city news release, this alliance letter recently signed is a formal relationship builder between the Nickel City and this region of Peru with the intention that it will mutually “stimulate economic development, workforce development, battery and microchips development, research and remediation technology, and curricula transfer, helping people and businesses on both sides of the Americas thrive.”

One example of this cooperation is already underway. This first initiative involves a team of scientists and companies from Sudbury that are taking on the remediation of the Coralaque-Tambo watershed in this region of Peru, an area of two million people, dealing with water quality issues.

The “Sudbury Method,” often referred to as the city’s ongoing regreening effort, which began in the late 1970s to restore a blackened landscape caused by the mining and processing of nickel, has served as a model for jurisdictions around the globe to remediate environments damaged by mining, smelting and other heavy industrial activities.

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