LEAK: EU Commission wants 10% of critical raw materials mined in Europe – by Oliver Noyan (EURACTIV.com – March 7, 2023)


To boost EU autonomy, the European Commission is seeking to introduce targets of 10%-40% of the mining, recycling, and processing of critical raw materials used in the bloc to be done in the EU by 2030.

A draft version of the EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act, seen by EURACTIV and set to be presented by the European Commission next Tuesday (14 March), will introduce targets for Europe’s self-sufficiency along the entire value chain.

The regulation aims to “decrease the Union’s growing supply risks by […] strengthening Union capacities along all stages of the strategic raw materials value chain, including extraction, processing and recycling,” the document reads.

According to the leaked document, “10% of the Union’s consumption of strategic raw materials” should be mined in the EU. In addition, 15% of the Union’s annual consumption of each critical raw material should come from recycling, the document reads.

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