Change in federal assessment won’t slow pace in the Ring of Fire, says mines minister – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – March 10, 2023)

Federal environment minister wants more Indigenous involvement in Far North industry impact assessment

Ottawa’s decision to scrap plans for a Ring of Fire regional assessment process won’t interfere with the province’s intentions to get new mines into production faster.

Provincial Mines Minister George Pirie said they have guarantees from the federal government that assessments for the proposed roads into the James Bay region to connect two remote communities to the Ontario highway system will not impact any timelines to put new mines into production.

“Our government is building the roads that will unlock the critical minerals in the Ring of Fire,” Pirie responded in an email. “We are actively working with the federal government and have been assured that the Regional Assessment will not impact the timelines for the Webequie Supply Road, Marten Falls Community Access Road, Northern Road Link or any other future project assessments at the provincial or federal level.

“We will continue to work in partnership with (the road proponents) Webequie First Nation and Marten Falls First Nation to advance their projects that will connect the two communities to the highway network and the critical minerals in the Ring of Fire.”

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