Politics Meets the Minerals Rush at the World’s Biggest Mining Convention – by Charlie Angus (Policy Magazine – March 6, 2023)

January-February 2024

Investors from all over the world are in Toronto this week for the annual Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Conference (PDAC) convention. It is the biggest mining expo in the world. This year’s conference is taking place amid a global rush to secure critical minerals such as lithium, cobalt and key base metals such as copper and nickel.

The climate crisis has arrived and our hope for survival is dependent on a dramatic transformation in energy sources. This is why critical minerals are key. They are essential for the development of battery and renewable technology.

This century’s gold rush comes with an existential imperative, one that compellingly rationalizes political and regulatory choices whose impacts on both people and the planet, made in the name of sustainability, risk seriously backfiring if we allow short-term thinking, politics and profits to prevail.

Northern Ontario, with its immense potential in metals, could play a key role in meeting the need for critical minerals. At PDAC, the region is well-placed to tell its story. Exhibitors from Northern Ontario boast the single largest footprint of any jurisdiction at this global showcase.

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