Partnerships enhancing outcomes for northern communities and resource development (Investing in Mining Report/Globe and Mail – March 3, 2023)

How can northern and remote communities go about improving economic outcomes, for example, through meaningful employment and business and education opportunities? How can they create a better economic reality while staying true to their values and traditions?

Mineral exploration and development can provide answers to these questions, especially when the voices of community stakeholders are included in the decision-making process, proposes Glenn Nolan, VP, Indigenous Enterprises, Ring of Fire Metals, a mining company involved in multiple projects in the Ring of Fire area in the James Bay Lowlands of northern Ontario.

“I’ve seen many communities – including my community – change for the better when they participate in resource projects,” says Mr. Nolan. “Since these projects are typically tied to a specific geographic area, it is important to build long-term relationships between mining companies and communities.

“When there is mutual support, all parties can prosper.”

Community engagement, done right

The engagement process has to start with an exploration of “common areas of interest,” says Mr. Nolan.

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