A mid-term look at critical mining in North America – by P.J. Kwong (Canadian Mining Journal – March 1, 2023)


The government policies defined to meet net-zero emissions targets require leveraging green technologies globally to ensure the health of the planet. For countries to meet their respective net-zero targets, the importance placed on the development of critical minerals’ projects has never been higher.

In some cases, the need to accelerate project development is required to meet projected shortfalls in some critical minerals’ supplies; for example, the demand for lithium will quickly outpace supply as new operations are slow to come on-line.

In the rush to adopt green technologies based on critical minerals, there are as many challenges coming to light as there are solutions. There is a need for companies to slow down, take time during the development stage to do the proper testing and due diligence to ensure all the vital components of a mine plan and process understanding are thoroughly in place.

Projects and governments benefit from taking a more comprehensive look at their goals and managing their expectations as well as their outcomes.

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