Nature Reclaimed bookmark campaign celebrates Sudbury’s regreening success – by Mary Katherine Keown (Sudbury Star – February 10, 2023)

New bookmark campaign shows off species that have returned to Greater Sudbury and are thriving as a result of world-renowned regreening program

The red maple is as iconic to Canadians as a neighbourhood hockey game. While the forests surrounding Greater Sudbury support a comparatively sparse population of red maple trees, the handsome hardwood is being celebrated on one of the city’s recent Nature Reclaimed bookmarks.

“Essentially, they highlight the idea that we’ve been able to reclaim nature. In other words, it’s coming back,” Stephen Monet, the city’s manager of strategic and environmental planning, told The Star.

The bookmark campaign, launched by the city’s environmental division, is an extension of the pre-pandemic species-of-the-month program, which feted some of the species that have benefitted from regreening.

The city launched species-of-the-month in 2015. It was a hit at libraries around town, with eager readers scooping up bookmarks as they were made available. The current iterations of the bookmarks, illustrated once again by Astrid Colton, are beautiful, but they are also educational.

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