Shebandowan gold belt could host ‘big mine’ potential – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – February 9, 2023)

Overlooked region of northwestern Ontario may yield some super-sized prospects, say explorers

The Shebandowan area, west of Thunder Bay, is shaping up to be an emerging gold camp. Senior executives from three exploration companies working in the area — Goldshore Resources, Thunder Gold and Kesselrun Resources — participated in a Feb. 8 online panel discussions hosted by on why this northwestern Ontario greenstone belt deserves more attention.

Greenstone belts, mostly made up of volcanic rocks, can host significant deposits of gold, nickel, copper, zinc and iron. Two of the companies, Thunder Gold and Kesselrun, are at the exploration stage while Goldshore has a more defined resource in place and is straddling the line between exploration and mine development.

This area has favourable geology and an extensive exploration history, known for its nickel, copper and platinum group metal occurrences, but it hasn’t seen as much mining activity as other regions in Northern Ontario.

The speakers said Shebandowan was often overlooked because of the lack of cohesion in getting a big picture view of how the minerals are dispersed. Being relatively close to Thunder Bay, there were several prospectors and small exploration outfits out on the land doing their own thing with smaller exploration plays.

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