West Bloomfield jeweler explains why new lab formed diamonds are gaining popularity – by Gino Vicci (CBS News Detroit – February 5, 2023)


The lab grown diamond industry has become more and more popular in recent years. “Laboratory grown diamonds are very popular,” said Joe Yatooma, owner of Dash Diamonds in West Bloomfield. Yatooma said the lab grown diamonds have become a real thing because they are now considered “real” diamonds.

“The reason why we embrace laboratory grown diamonds here at Dash Diamonds is because the Gemologist Institute of America now approves a laboratory grown diamond and grades it,” Yatooma said.

To the naked eye it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and natural diamond, however there is a noticeable difference in the price.

Yatooma compared two necklaces that had the same number of diamond. The first had natural grown diamonds and the second he mentioned had lab grown diamonds. “This cost 12-grand, this cost $4,500,” Yatooma explained.

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