The history and the future of mining in Australia – by Jon Taylor ( – February 7, 2023)

Mining in Australia is a vast industry famous worldwide due to its fascinating history, power in the export market, and as a trendsetter in ‘future-proofing’ the sector. Furthermore, the high number of Australian mines means that it provides a huge jobs market to citizens and the number of foreign workers who flock to work in the industry due to its global reputation.

In this article, we will explore the rise of mining in Australia, its current status as a pillar of the country’s economy, and how it intends to tackle the rising pressures of climate change. Let’s start by looking at the current state of play for the industry.

Did you know that the Australian mining industry accounts for 75% of the country’s exports? Furthermore, it is a crucial driver of the country’s standard of living and economy. Its importance is highlighted in these key figures:

-Approximately 1.2 million people are employed in the Australian mining industry.
-It has a $50 billion average annually.
-The net worth of resources exported is $160 billion.

To understand how mining has become such a vital part of Australia’s economy and way of life, we have to go back to the industry’s humble beginnings and the story of its incredible growth.

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