[Florida] The Phosphate Industry Needs Additional Regulations – by Glenn Compton (Bradenton Times – February 05, 2023)


Glenn Compton is the Chairman of ManaSota 88, a non-profit organization that has spent over 30 years fighting to protect the environment of Manatee and Sarasota counties.

The Myakka River is an Outstanding Florida Water (OFW) and must not be further polluted. More than 22,000 acres of land have the potential to be mined for phosphate in the Myakka River Basin. Phosphate companies have an interest in at least 22,375 acres of land in the Myakka River Basin not yet approved for mining.

In 1985, the Legislature of Florida adopted the Myakka River Wild and Scenic Designation and Preservation Act (Section 258.501, Florida Statutes), which designated a 34-mile segment of the Myakka River within Sarasota County as a “Florida wild and scenic” river.

These designations are intended to provide additional protection to special waters recognized for their ecological significance, by providing the highest degree of protection under the State of Florida permitting policies.

ManaSota-88 is concerned that future phosphate mine discharges will degrade the Myakka River, generate low dissolved oxygen levels, and significantly increase pollutant levels. Phosphate mining activities have the potential to adversely impact downstream waters. It is critically important that every phosphate mine water quality discharge permit be reviewed to ensure the highest degree of protection for the Myakka River.

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