The climate movement needs to engage with Big Mining as never before – by Daniel Litvin (London School of Economics – January 13, 2023)

Environmental activists need to ramp up engagement and collaboration with the mining industry if the energy transition is to be secured, however uncomfortable it makes them, argues Daniel Litvin. Informed by his work advising resource companies on sustainability and geopolitical issues, he highlights five points to encourage a constructive conversation.

In the minds of some activists, the sins of Big Mining almost equate to those of Big Oil: environmental destruction, overconsumption of natural resources, neglect of human rights, excessive corporate power. Mining executives, in turn, are incensed at what they see as their demonisation. They view themselves as producing materials essential for modern society – and responsibly, to boot.

These conflicting narratives around mining have been around for many decades. But now, more than ever, the two sides need to engage. Activists must keep up the pressure on mining companies to behave responsibly.

But a big-picture, more collaborative mindset is also needed from all parties to help support the acceleration of mining the world now needs, alongside a focus on upholding environmental and social standards.

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