Premier Smith ‘sickened’ by staggering disruption planned with Trudeau’s Just Transition – by David Staples (Edmonton Journal – January 16, 2023)

If you’re from Alberta, Saskatchewan or Newfoundland and Labrador, this plan might well strike you as madness, as a federal government that has lost all humility and common sense

The staggering scope of change that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals intend to impose on Canadians with their Just Transition program is made clear in a newly-released government document.

Such is the magnitude of the proposed change that Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said she “felt sick” reading it.

The document — uncovered by a freedom of information request by the online new agency Blacklock’s Reporter and now obtained by Postmedia — are department speaking notes from June 1, 2022, for Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson.

The document predicts “significant disruption” for workers in key Canadian employment sectors in order to meet federal emissions reduction targets. “The transition to a low-carbon economy will have an uneven impact across sectors, occupations and regions, and create significant labour market disruptions.”

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