Mineral exploration halted on 94K hectares near Long Lake #58 First Nation – by Gary Rinne (Northern Ontario Business – January 17, 2023)


The Ministry of Mines issued the order to facilitate negotiations over an Aboriginal title claim filed by the First Nation

GREENSTONE — The Ontario government has withdrawn a large tract of land near Long Lake # 58 First Nation from prospecting and mining claim registration. The order will remain in place indefinitely, subject to review.

On Dec. 15, 2022, the Ministry of Mines issued an order signed by Assistant Deputy Minister Afsana Qureshi, affecting 94,000 hectares or 940 square kilometres.

It withdraws “from prospecting, mining claim registration, sale and lease any lands, mining rights or surface rights that are the property of the Crown … until reopened by the minister.”

The order makes reference to Long Lake #58’s assertion of an Aboriginal title claim in these areas. It states that the decision will be reviewed within three years to ascertain whether it is appropriate to maintain the withdrawal in light of the status of efforts by Ontario, Canada and Long Lake #58 to resolve the land claim.

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