The Trudeau Liberals are about to tell Alberta workers where to go – by Rex Murphy (National Post -January 4, 2023)

Will there be a ‘just transition’ for Canadian farmers, too?

National Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson plans to introduce “just transition” legislation early this year to help workers in the oil and gas sector move into green energy jobs. Help?

Well, that’s one way to start the New Year. Send out a second-tier minister, working in concert with another second-tier minister, Seamus O’Regan, and an NDP consort, Charlie Angus, to announce a peremptory, arbitrary, unnegotiated shutdown of a greatly productive province’s principal industry.

That would be Alberta. None of the three national-economy-rearrangers — Wilkinson, O’Regan or Angus — represents a district in the province they are insouciantly planning to remake.

I do not have the official title of this about-to-be presented legislation. In the happy event it has not yet been determined, I can offer this perfectly realistic one: An Act to Inspire, Lubricate, and in all other manners Facilitate the Separation of Alberta from Confederation.

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