Quarries must be close to Toronto’s development – by Norman Cheesman (Toronto Star – January 16, 2023)


Proximity of aggregate to job sites is key. Pits can take up to 10 years to approve and are required to meet needs of Ontarians, says Norman Cheesman.

If you build it they will come … and if you don’t build it, they will come anyway. That’s the reality we face in Ontario.

After years of infrastructure neglect and increasing levels of immigration, will we be ready to welcome an additional four million people in this province by 2043? Will we be ready with the schools, hospitals, housing and other infrastructure we need to maintain vibrant communities?

Or can newcomers expect road degradation, overheated portable classrooms, and inadequate accommodation?

The province has chosen to move aggressively to ensure we build 1.5 million homes in the next decade and to ensure we invest in new highways, bridges, and mundane things, such as sewer and water main upgrades.

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