OPINION: Trudeau’s real North America agenda is reacting to Biden’s industrial strategy – by Campbell Clark (Globe and Mail – January 11, 2023)


It was nice that U.S. President Joe Biden and his Mexican counterpart, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, tacked a Three Amigos summit with Justin Trudeau onto meetings about Mr. Biden’s more pressing issue: the Mexican border.

The idea of a common North American agenda seems a distant thing for the Mexican and U.S. presidents, both of whom are so wrapped up in domestic politics that there hasn’t been a lot of room for continental friendship.

The get-together in Mexico was more like a Three Acquaintances summit, even though Mr. Biden promised to visit Canada in March. But Mr. Trudeau does have a North American agenda – and it has been consuming his government’s attention.

Right now, it is about responding to Mr. Biden’s big-spending industrial strategy, which will pour hundreds of billions of dollars into subsidizing the adoption of clean technology and “advanced” manufacturing.

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