Business leaders urge Three Amigos to move past trade disputes, embrace ‘Team North America’ approach – by Steven Chase (Globe and Mail – January 9, 2023)

Mr. Volpe said there is not yet sufficient infrastructure in place –
lithium production and battery production – to meet the earliest targets
for zero emissions without buying from China. “If we’re actually going
to meet those targets, we’re gonna meet them with Chinese batteries.
Maybe Chinese vehicles,” he said.

Business leaders are urging Justin Trudeau and his U.S. and Mexican counterparts to adopt more of a “Team North America” approach when they meet in Mexico City this week: to move beyond a growing list of disputes including energy, autos and dairy, and craft a continental plan for industries such as electric vehicles.

The Prime Minister, U.S. President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will get together for the North American Leaders’ Summit on Tuesday to talk about boosting trade and investment and building a better supply chain to fuel the continent’s electric-vehicle production. It’s the 10th such meeting – also known as the Three Amigos summit – since they began in 2005.

Global economic growth is expected to slow in 2023 and the fallout from Russia’s war on Ukraine continues to inflict pain on world markets. Meanwhile, protectionism is growing as countries retreat into different trading blocs.

Goldy Hyder, president of the Business Council of Canada, said Canada, Mexico and the United States need to start working together better. “In North America, we function through what I would call a ‘Me, myself and I’ model,” Mr. Hyder said.

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