Africa’s Growing Graphite Mining Potential – by Gareth Taylor (SP – December 26, 2022)

Electric Vehicle (EV) sales have seen considerable growth in recent years, reaching 9.4% of global passenger vehicle penetration in 2021, and expected to triple by 2026. S&P Global Commodities Insights estimate EV sales to grow by a compounded growth rate of over 28% over this period.

A consequence of this, battery materials have quickly become critical to the automotive supply chain with major companies establishing partnerships with both battery cell manufacturers and miners of the raw material.

Examples of this include Tesla, the world’s largest Electric Vehicle manufacturer reporting partnerships with: BHP for nickel sulphate; Albermarle for lithium hydroxide; Glencore for Cobalt; and Syrah Resources for graphite flake.

Cathode building metals (Cobalt, Lithium & Nickel) have been the priority for car manufactures in 2022 as all three markets struggle with supply challenges. Cathode chemistry utilized in long range EVs have seen a shift to higher nickel composition cathodes at the expense of cobalt and manganese to achieve the longest range possible with current technology.

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