Tesla’s lithium supplies in danger as rivals make mining deals – by David Stringer, Yvonne Yue Li, Gabrielle Coppola & Chunying Zhang (The Edge Markets/Bloomberg News – November 30, 2022)


(Nov 29): For years, only one customer mattered in the market for lithium and other metals used in electric vehicle batteries: Tesla Inc. The prospect that a new mine might end up feeding Elon Musk’s automaker was enough to sway cautious lenders to finance a project or convince investors that untested operations had a shot at meeting aggressive sales projections.

And as the biggest buyer in a sector full of startup miners, Tesla wielded unusual power to dictate terms, typically locking in agreements for supplies for years at fixed prices.

An aggressive push into electric vehicles by legacy car manufacturers, and worries over tight markets for lithium and other key materials such as nickel and graphite, is upending those dynamics.

Ford Motor Co and General Motors Co have roiled the industry by striking generous pacts with prospective suppliers that include commitments to pay upfront for future deliveries or offer cheap loans to build new mines.

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