KWG still pursuing the Ring of Fire Holy Grail, hoping a railway is the solution (Mining Life – December 15, 2022)

“It was nice to emerge from the fog we’d been in due to COVID in in the last two and a half years”, stated Moe Lavigne, Vice President of Exploration and Development for KWG Resources while opening his presentation during the CEN CAN Expo in Thunder Bay in September 2022. Moe was invited to bring the audience up to speed on where KWG is and where they are going in the Ring of Fire mining region.

KWG Resources primary chromite holdings are located on several parcels of land in the Koper-McFaulds Lake area, one of the most dynamic parcels located in the Ring of Fire. Its most hopeful property is the Black Horse Project. This past October, KWG bought the property they had under option which contains its largest chromite resource, the Black Horse property.

Previously KWG purchased 50% interest of a stake held by Bold Ventures Inc. Recently it purchased the interests held by Fancamp Resources. It also has a 30% interest in the nearby Big Daddy Chromite Project owned by Ring of Fire Metals. The other KWG Resources claims hold potential for nickel, zinc and copper as well as other metals and minerals many on the Ontario and Canadian lists of critical minerals.

One of KWG Resources pillars is bulk transportation. “You just can’t mine the Ring of Fire unless you have a way of getting the chromite out of the ring of fire. It has zero value if you don’t have a bulk transportation method”, stated Moe. KWG Resources sticks to that claim as they know they had to prove that they can get it out.

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