Canada joins critical minerals alliance to avoid reliance on ‘authoritarian states’ – by John Woodside (National Observer – December 10, 2022)

As concerns about China’s dominant economic position in industry mount, Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson is unveiling a new international alliance aimed at securing the critical minerals needed to transition off fossil fuels.

Wilkinson announced the Sustainable Critical Minerals Alliance Monday at the United Nations biodiversity conference underway in Montreal, days after Canada published its critical minerals strategy to grow the sector domestically. The new alliance includes Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and Japan.

“Critical minerals are essential if we want to reach our climate objectives,” Wilkinson said. “At the same time, the processing, manufacturing and recycling of critical minerals are a generational opportunity for Canada, but also for our partners and allies.”

Critical minerals refer to metals and minerals like lithium, nickel, copper and cobalt that are essential to the energy transition because they’re used for things like electric vehicle batteries, solar panels and wind farms.

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