Some junior mining companies say they are left out from Ontario’s critical minerals strategy – by Jonathan Migneault (CBC News Sudbury – November 16, 2022)

Ontario Junior Exploration Program offers companies up to $200,000

Some junior mining companies say they haven’t benefited from Ontario’s critical minerals strategy, which aims to build a homegrown supply chain for electric vehicles and their batteries.

The strategy would connect northern Ontario’s mineral resources – which include important metals like nickel, cobalt and lithium – to battery and vehicle manufacturing in the south.

Johnathan More, the chairman and CEO of junior miner Power Metals Corp, said companies like his don’t get any support from the province to explore mineral deposits that could become productive mines.

Power Metals Corp is exploring lithium, cesium and tantalum deposits near Cochrane, in northeastern Ontario. “There’s no assistance from the government at all doing what we do,” More said.

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