K+S Potash Canada gearing up for increased capacity at Bethune mine – by Pat Rediger (Saskatoon StarPhoenix – November 16, 2022)


Although the grand opening of the K+S Potash Canada (KSPC) mine in Bethune was greeted with cheers from across the province in 2017, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate as the company plans to continue increasing production at the facility over the coming decades. KSPC is targeting to one day reach four million of tonnes of potash production per year, which is double the current production from the mine.

KSPC is in the midst of a feasibility study which will lay the framework for future milestones of growth and timelines for the Bethune mine. Sam Farris, president of KSPC, said this process will enable the company to become a world-class potash producer and future leader in climate change responsibility while sustainably feeding the growing world’s population.

“Potash in our province has a very storied and proud history,” he said, “And we’re proud to be part of making sure the world’s agricultural producers have a responsible supply of the fertilizers they need to feed the world’s growing population.”

The feasibility study is considering ways to grow profitability safely and sustainably while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. The company is also striving to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce while continuing to engage with local and Indigenous communities throughout all stages of the plan.

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